Support the Idaho State-Civic Symphony

The Idaho State-Civic Symphony receives financial support from three sources: ticket sales, grants, and contributions from inpiduals and businesses. Help us to continue to improve your symphony with your tax-deductible contribution. We greatly appreciate your assistance and will recognize your generosity by including your name in the donor listings in our Classical Series concert programs.

For more detailed information on how you can support the symphony, please select one of the following:​​​​​ 


Through sponsorship of the Idaho State-Civic Symphony, companies demonstrate commitment to the community while building brand awareness.  ​​​​​​​

Planned Giving

It's Easier Than You Think

Creating a legacy of giving is easier than you think. As you prepare for and welcome a new year, take some time to start creating your legacy at the organizations you care about most, like the Idaho State-Civic Symphony.

Here are two ideas to help you get started.

     1. Name the Idaho State-Civic Symphony as a beneficiary. This arrangement is one of the most tax-smart ways to support the Idaho State-Civic Symphony after your lifetime. When you leave retirement plan assets to us, we bypass any taxes and receive the full amount.

      2. Include the Idaho State-Civic Symphony in your will or living trust. This gift can be made by including as little as one sentence in your will or living trust. Plus, your gift can be modified throughout your lifetime as circumstances change.