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Meet The Musicians

The Idaho State-Civic Symphony is unique in it's composition, with ISU faculty members and students joining together with community members to create beautiful music for our community!  The Idaho State-Civic Symphony Association exists in large part to support the endeavors of our inspiring musicians by supporting concert productions and offering scholarships to ISU music students.  Please take a moment to meet our musicians!

NOTE: This page is in the process of being updated to include a photo and brief bio for each of our amazing artists. Check back often for updates!


Hyeri Choi,  concertmaster 
Amy Boese, principal second
Anna Alexander *
Lyman Asay **
Natalie Cohen
Mary Green ***
Priscilla Hibbert
Suzun Holbrook
Bohan Hou
Robin Kent*
Jenna Kramer
Teresa Norton
Marissa Orgill
Brittney Oswald*
Jessica Perry *
Maggie Price
Grace Solomon
Amy Spicer
Justin Taylor
Kimberly Valentine
BreAnna Ward *
Denette Wolfe *


Sandra Kenney ***, principal 
Morgan Betts
Garrett Christensen
Joan Collett ****
Jessika Glover
Marcus Hall
Lydia Ring
Emily Stacey
Carson Taylor


Dr. Eleanor Christman, principal
Brian Attebery***
Karen Bechtel 
Patty Bolinger *
Elizabeth Cartwright *
Marissa Chandler
Heather Clarke *
Taylor Knelp
​​​​​​​Paul Pugh
​​​​​​​Kaiya Waggoner
​​​​​​​Ian Woodruff


Ryan Bell, principal
James Breker
Jamie Burtosky
Mark Holbrook


Kristi Ballif, principal
Elizabeth Bolinger
Stephanie Luker
Amanda Smith, piccolo


Susan Hughes ****, principal
Braeden Farnes
Beth Ludema, oboe, English horn


Dr. Shandra Helman *, principal
Erin Armstrong
Kimberly Fullerton, bass/contrabass clarinet
Karen Wright,


Dr. Jessica Wiley, co-principal
Dillin Diggie, co-principal
Jan Eddington***


Dr. Eddie Ludema, principal
Mackenzie Caress​​​​​​​
Michaela Holst Blomqvist *
​​​​​​​Enid McMahon

Michael Helman *, principal
Rayna Chatfield *
Elizabeth Dyer
Aaron Hayes *
Kyle Peck


Sarah Houghton, principal
Jon Treasure*

Bass Trombone

Patrick Young, principal


Nicole Hasenpflug *, principal


Dr. Thom Hasenpflug *, principal


Thaddeus M. Ferrin *, principal
Calvin Houghton
Pamela J.S. Hutchinson *
Laura Larson *
William Montgomery
Lindsay Smith

Laura Larson *, principal


Laurie Orr **, principal
Chilali Hugo

Personnel Manager

Michael Helman *
Music Librarian

Amy Boese

Property Managers

Mackenzie Caress
​​​​​​​Natalie Cohen

* = Denotes 10 Years of Service