Meet The Musicians

The Idaho State-Civic Symphony is unique in it's composition, with ISU faculty members and students joining together with community members to create beautiful music for our community!  The Idaho State-Civic Symphony Association exists in large part to support the endeavors of our inspiring musicians by supporting concert productions and offering scholarships to ISU music students.  Please take a moment to meet our musicians!

NOTE: This page is in the process of being updated to include a photo and brief bio for each of our amazing artists. Check back often for updates!


Hyeri Choi ^,  concertmaster 
Amy Boese, principal second x
Anna Alexander * x
Lyman Asay * x
Kathleen Campbell x
Natalie Cohen
Mary Green ***x
Priscilla Hibbert
Suzun Holbrook x
Bohan Hou
Ardith Moran***x
Kaiden Nicholls
Teresa Norton
Marissa Orgill x
Brittney Oswald *x
Jessica Perry *x
Maggie Price@
Grace Solomon@
Amy Spicer
Daniel Sterner
BreAnna Ward *x
Denette Wolfe *x


Sandra Kenney ***x, principal 
Morgan Betts@
Joan Collett ****x
Marcus Hall@
Ethan Jensen
Lydia Ring
Emily Stacey
Carson Taylor@


Dr. Eleanor Christman Cox^, principal
Brian Attebery***^, assistant principal
Karen Bechtel x
Patty Bolinger *x
Elizabeth Cartwright *x
Heather Clarke *^
Tyresha Hale ^x
Taylor Kneip @
Sophie Stratton
Mike Sutton


Donald Colby *^, principal
James Breker x
Jamie Burtosky
Mark Holbrook x


Kristi Ballif, principal
Elizabeth Bolinger
Eduardo Martinez, flute/piccolo


Susan Hughes ****^, principal
Hailey Dawson x
Beth Ludema, English horn


Dr. Shandra Helman *^, principal
Erin Armstrong x
Karen Wright, E-flat/bass clarinet


Alan Goodman, principal
Dillin Diggie, assistant principal/contrabassoon
Jan Eddington**^


Michael Helman*^, principal
Rayna Chatfield *x
Elizabeth Dyer
Aaron Hayes *x
Kyle Peck@


Dr. Eddie Ludema ^, principal
Michaela Holst Blomqvist *
Shawn McLain@


Sarah Houghton x, principal
Mal Layne, assistant principal
Jon Treasure x, bass trombone


Nicole Hasenpflug x, principal


Dr. Thom Hasenpflug *^, principal


Thaddeus Ferrin x, principal
Pamela J. S. Hutchinson*
Jake Knievel
Brian McKibben


Laura Larson x, principal
David Parry, organ


Laurie Orr **x, principal

J. Curtis Thompson, J. Curtis Thompson is a multi-instrumentalist, dedicated to providing quality guitar education to the students of every age.
In 2011 he received his bachelor’s degree in Classical Guitar Performance from Idaho State University. Here he performed with the Idaho State Civic Symphony and the Idaho State Summer Repertoire on numerous occasions. 

* = Denotes 10 Years of Service
@ = ISU Student
x = Community Member
^ = ISU Faculty