For the Youth Orchestra, tuition is per semester, due by the second rehearsal. AUDITIONS ARE FREE. If you are selected to play with the Youth Orchestra, please submit tuition together with the signature page of the 2021-22 Youth Orchestra Student Manual, which can be found on the Youth Orchestra Schedule/Login page of the website here.
  • $100 - String
  • $75 - Winds/Brass
  • $50 - Percussion
Tuition is subsidized heavily by the Idaho State-Civic Symphony, as our costs well exceed our tuition rates, but we believe that our mission is to provide a quality symphonic expereince for our emerging musicians.

Tuition helps to covers the cost of:
  • Conductors
  • Professional Clinicians
  • Sectional staff
  • Music - purchase, copies or rentals
  • Weekly snacks
  • Youth Orchestra swag
  • Facility Rental
  • Free comp ticket for each student to ever Idaho State-Civic Symphony Season Concert
The Idaho State-Civic Symphony does have scholarships to help cover the cost of tuition. Please contact the Youth Orchestra manager, Shawna Morrissey, for details and requirements.
Youth Orchestra meets Tuesday Afternoon 4:00-5:45 p.m. in Jensen Grand Concert Hall - Stephens Performing Arts Center
Any age! Youth Orchestra students must pass the audition.
All musicians considering audition should be able to play major scales in up to 3 accidentals. String and mallet percussion players must be able to play 2 octaves for all scales. Depending on the scale, wind and brass players may play 1-2 octives. String players should be comfortable in at least one position outside of first position. Wind, brass, and percussion players should be able to execute the audition etudes at the required tempo. Talk to your teacher to see if you're ready and to get help preparing your audition.
General auditions for new and current members are held in the Fall at the ISU Stephens Performing Arts Center (green room).Students unable to make the scheduled auditions, please contact Amy Boese to set up an alternative audition time. For mid-season auditions, please contact Amy Boese for a time. AUDITIONS ARE FREE. PLEASE COMPELTE THE AUDITION REGISTRATION FORM TO SELECT AN AUDITION TIME.
Complete Youth Orchestra Audition Registration here
The schedule follows the academic calendar, generally, the semesters run Sept - Nov; Jan - April, please see schedule for more specific dates.
No! We have public, private, and homeschool students in the orchestra.
Participation in the student’s school music program is required, provided the student’s school has a music program. Exemption from this policy requires permission from Amy Boese.
For more information contact:
Ms. Amy Boese Mrs. Shawna Morrissey
abboese@gmail.com  shawnamorrissey@gmail.com
  (208) 226-4495 call or text