Children’s Concert

The Symphony Association, its musicians, and many volunteers are all dedicated to furthering music education and changing lives through education and outreach efforts. To this end, Children’s and Family concerts are performed each year in addition to the Classical Concert Series.
Children's Concert
The annual Children’s Concert is a cooperative effort of the Symphony, its Youth Orchestra, local School Districts, and area home-schools for a special free concert for 5th graders. The District and home-schooling parents make field-trip arrangements, the Symphony provides transportation costs, the District and home-schooling parents provide pre-concert information and make field-trip arrangements, and the Youth Orchestra Director and student musicians rehearse and perform two morning concerts in the Jensen Grand Concert Hall.   For many of these youngsters, this is their first exposure to the joys of watching a live musical performance designed especially for them and presented by the enthusiastic and talented student performers in the Youth Orchestra.

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