Link Up: Orchestra Sings!

Mar 14, 2018

New this year the ISCS brings the unique thrill of live classical music to hundreds of local school children. This year we’ll present Carnegie Hall’s amazing interactive concert Link Up:The Orchestra Sings to over 2400 students in SE Idaho.
Jensen Hall,  Stephens Performing Arts Center
9:30 am / 11:00 am
Grade Level: 4

Students and teachers in 4th grade embark on a yearlong exploration to discover what makes music sing by learning the ways that composers and musicians play with melody, rhythm, and harmony. This culminating performance gives students the opportunity to sing and play recorder with the Idaho State -Civic Symphony, performing the repertoire that they have practiced throughout the year. The Orchestra Sings is a program from Carnegie Hall’s Link Up curriculum.

Please note that this event is made available for selected SE Idaho Schools. The Idaho State-Civic Symphony has provided recorders, teacher curriculum and student workbook containing information about the program, lesson plans, and activities no later than one month prior to the performance.


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